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Amanda Cherie is a genre-bending American singer and songwriter with a velvety, vintage Hollywood voice. Her songs may be described as three•minute dramedy plots with unexpected imagery, eccentric thought streams and unconventional musical styles. 


Amanda’s vintage Hollywood-inspired style flowed from a unique childhood saturated with religion and 1920s to 1970s entertainment. Think Billie Holiday, backwoods gospel and bluegrass.


Between her fascination with golden-age entertainment and her craving for self•expression beyond the words she belted in her church choir multiple times a week, Amanda began songwriting and pursuing the study of literary devices to learn the craft of writing. She also learned to play piano, mandolin, bass guitar and acoustic guitar, all by ear, which accompany her eccentric lyrics and soulful voice.

Beyond the music, Amanda’s eclectic thirst for learning flowed into creative pursuits such as cooking, and academic quests, including a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in an applied psychology. In fact, her love for the stage and passions for psychology, food, health and business converged in her TEDx talk on the possibilities of rethinking nutrition within the fast food service industry.


Whether listeners want to think, feel or simply escape, Amanda Cherie’s music melds the senses into a unique, deeply relatable listening experience. Experience the music here.


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